Camp Kawaga Blog

This week I want to pay tribute to our incredible staff. Our staff is simply amazing, they are what makes our camp so special. Did you know that out of 53 counselors only 10 did not attend Kawaga as a camper? Out of those 10 only 3 are brand new to Kawaga!

We are truly lucky. With numbers like that, we are able to uphold the values and traditions of camp with ease. Most of our staff  grew up the Kawaga way, they learned to become leaders and strong young men. They learned to live with others and see and accept differences. They were taught leadership, sportsmanship, fellowship, enthusiasm, and spirit, and now they are paying it forward.

Our staff that didn’t grow up at Kawaga are just as special. They bring new ideas and view points. They add character, whether from over seas, or right here in Wisconsin, they all add something special to the mix. Put these guys together with all of our “home grown” staff and what you get is pure AWESOMENESS 🙂

Everyday I watch as our staff works with your children, encouraging them, teaching them and making connections. They run from activity to activity, making it not only a great learning experience but FUN! These counselors make your boys laugh on a daily basis. They help them overcome homesickness, make new friends and navigate through disagreements.

Watching them work with your children makes me so proud. Whether it’s during a club, making an announcement in the mess hall or dancing and cheering like maniacs, they are giving back to Kawaga. They are raising our next generation of staff. They are setting the example of what a true Kawaga Brave looks like and they are doing an amazing job.

Gotta run, I want to see what our Future Staff looks like:)