Camp Kawaga Blog

There is nothing like camp!! Every morning when I here reveille, I wake with a smile (okay so I am already awake due to one little 2 year old living in my house) to another beautiful day at Camp Kawaga! I have often heard campers ask why we say it is another beautiful day at Camp Kawaga even when it is raining or cloudy. You see I don’t think they realize yet because they are so in the moment, all the beautiful things that happen in just one day at Kawaga.

Just today I watched two campers swim the bay for the first time. One was my son. For three summers since he has gone into a cabin, he has made every excuse not to swim the bay, but today was his day!!! The other camper was Clayton G. the smile on his face after his great personal accomplishment was priceless! They did it together after making that plan the day before and then followed through, Beautiful!


Bay Swimmer TJ

Bay Swimmer

Bay Swimmer Clay



I  saw a camper who has been homesick and not wanting to do anything at camp, win knock out on the Omni. His name was announced in the Mess Hall for his big win and the look on his face, Beautiful! The next day he got up on skis, on his first try and skied around the bay! Now we have not been able to keep him away from skiing, Beautiful!

In that same knock out game on the Omni, two Kawaga Braves Bryan F. and Adam G., showed the true spirit of Kawaga. They could have both easily won the game, no problem, but they saw that this camper needed this moment and gave it to him. Beautiful!

Today we had a birthday at camp. Noah A., turned 9 today! Watching his face while everyone at camp sang “Happy Birthday” to him, Beautiful! Then his brother and cousin were called upon to sing the 2nd verse to him and did it in grand style, Beautiful!

I watch campers make their first bullseye, catch a fish, high five each other, clean their cabin together to get perfects, jump off the tower for the first time, make an announcement in the mess hall, sing, cheer, dance and just let go, and that is… BEAUTIFUL!!

Gotta run, I don’t want to miss one Beautiful moment:)