Camp Kawaga Blog

It has been a great first week. The weather has really cooperated with warmth and sunshine for the most part. It rained today, but it was overnight and relatively light so we are able to do all of our activities today.  The Chips and Siouxs headed out on their overnight camping trips yesterday, and from all accounts, the trips were a great success. The Chips are back and happy, and the Siouxs are on their way now. That is why you are only seeing older campers and staff in the pictures for Thursday into Friday. Overall, a really great start to camp for everyone!!!

Yesterday was our first of our weekly Throw Back Thursdays (TBT). Each week we are going to show the campers a little history about Kawaga as we celebrate 100 years of camping. This week, we showed the kids what the Omni basketball court (the blue court right in front of the Mess Hall) was originally used for:

Throwback Thursday - the original tennis court of CK

Throwback Thursday – the original tennis court of CK

That is right, tennis. The Omni was the original tennis court of Camp Kawaga. Yesterday, a couple of counselors played tennis on the Omni directly before lunch and then explained at lunch just what they were up to. We will be doing big and little things like this throughout the summer to  help the campers connect to some of the history of Camp Kawaga.

This summer is so much fun to plan with activities like this. It also goes so well with our Ideals and camp programming as we continue to “reach into the future, but never forget the past.”

Things are going very well and we are very happy with the start of camp. Staff is doing awesome. Our young staff are showing excellent maturity and energy, and the veterans are setting a terrific examples. As a direct result, campers are happy and the beginning of camp has been pretty smooth.