Camp Kawaga Blog

It has been a great last few days, plus as of this afternoon, our office is fully up and running again. New phones, new amp for the PA and we are in business!!! Sorry for missing some blogging the last few days, but it really has been hard to get caught up after a few bad days here without our system fully operational.

We have had the boys running around like crazy the last few days as we take full advantage of the picture perfect weather. Around 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky for 3 days straight now.  The boys are pumped for July 4th, including the Seniors looking for big wins over the Counselors tomorrow.  They are READY!!  The last two days we have had very “normal” days. Clubs, Leagues, with a light sprinkling of team practices as we have Ojibwa competition on Saturday. Last night the boys headed to Chippewa for a social.  The ladies were great hosts, and even had some great treats prepared including deep fried Oreo cookies which were a HUGE hit!  We surprised the campers as they returned from Chippewa with the 2nd ever JAILBREAK.  As the buses returned, a “prisoner” escaped, and the boys were told they had to try and escape with him.  They were given 5 minutes to gear up and get ready to break out of Kawaga.

Counselors acting as prison guards were stationed all around camp on watch as the campers had to try to make it into certain areas of Diamond 1 for points.  The late night game was awesome and the campers loved it!  We had to stop so we could get them to bed, but they were begging for more! Great night.

Today was more of the same. Beautiful day, some fun in the sun, a few practices and lots of sweaty boys.  We had them take it easy tonight as they enjoyed Counselor Olympics. Cabins bet on counselors to win fun events like the Home Run Derby, 3 pt shooting, Pie eating and more. A fun chill night as we went to bed at a normal time ahead of some very busy days the rest of this week.

Tomorrow night we head to town for BBQ, ski show and fireworks. Cannot wait!!!  More to come…