Camp Kawaga Blog

It was a great day plus of competition for Camp Kawaga. 63 games and events later, Camp Kawaga comes out on top with 35 wins and the overall victory against CM for the 8th summer in a row!! All of our age groups contributed and played hard. Kawaga’s Seniors were spectacular, winning in convincing fashion over CM’s seniors in all phases of the competition. We were especially proud because these guys showed the rest of camp just what leadership and spirit is all about, and were humble and gently in victory throughout the competition.

I was also very proud of our youngest campers who I thought really learned a lot from their competition with CM. The first part of the competition, we seemed to have a tough time rising to the challenge at least for the start of the games. But on Day 2, before getting started, we talked about raising our level, being ready to go from the start of the game and playing hard throughout – being good sports, but also good competitors. The boys took it to heart and the Juniors came out ROARING winning 3 of 4 newcomb games!! They played hard, and gave it their all throughout today, and win or lose, made Kawaga proud. I saw some real growth and sense of accomplishment in what they did today as they competed as true Kawaga braves.

Some highlights of the competition included the Senior football sweep, Senior B softball team putting up 29 runs, a great Intermediate A softball game that ended in a 3-2 loss and a similarly great Senior A softball loss (9-8) which included a huge 5 run comeback. Both games were really well played by both squads. Junior hoops was brilliant, winning 4 of 5 games, and several in convincing fashion.  There were also some great tennis matches, hockey games and football wins.

Overall, we are very proud of our campers and staff for their effort and great sportsmanship. Personally, I was very proud of how they competed! Competition tends to get a bad wrap these days, and then when we want or expect our boys to compete, they can be a bit taken aback by the level of intensity and/or effort required to compete and win. I believe we compete in a very healthy manner here at Kawaga – teaching our boys that it is OK to compete, it is OK to lose or win, as long as you play hard, play the right way and put your heart into it.

Our Kawaga braves accomplished that this week and pulled off a great victory for Kawaga in the process!! Congrats to all of our braves!!!