Camp Kawaga Blog

As I write this tonight, “Call To Quarters” plays sending the boys off to bed as we mark the completion of another great day, and add to the 100 years of tradition that was set before us.  Today was a microcosm of the wide variety of activities going on every day at Kawaga – something that sets us apart from many other camps.  It was a beautiful sunny and warm day.  We continued to pay tribute to the days of old by having another Throwback Thursday (TBT).  Today’s TBT was in memory of the old shower house, which was previously placed where our current fishing wharf resides. All campers came down to the wharf in their swimsuits with a towel in one hand and their toiletries in the other. Each camper got to jump into the lake and as the cool water rushed over them, they got to reflect and play homage to the thousands of Kawaga Braves that came before them.

As Kawaga stays true to its camping ways, another successful Mohawk A trip returned from the fabulous Porcupine Mountains in Michigan just as their fellow Mohawks, the Mohawk B’s, packed up their bags and set on a new hiking adventure in Copper Falls. The CITs checked in from the Boundary Waters and reported in that their trips are going great. Meanwhile, back on the Shores, the rest of the camp stayed back to continue with their weekly clubs, instructional swims, open areas and competitive leagues.  The boys enjoyed honing their skills and preparing for the upcoming competition in the next few days.

This evening concluded with 3 different EPs for our different age groups – the Chips, Siouxs and Mohawks played a camp favorite called Crossfire, an amazing and crazy version of dodgeball.  The Group 2s played a game relatively new to Kawaga called Handball which is played with the boards on our Arena Court. And finally, the Group 1s tried a new activity for Kawaga. As a surprise for their town trip, Cabins 23 and 24 headed over to the new Northwoods Zip Line facility and spent 90 minutes zip lining over trees and water. A new activity introduced to our boys, that I am sure they will love.

All in all a crazy day, but a normal one of fun and high energy for our campers.

It’s been a great start to the camping season and we’re excited to continue seeing our campers experience new activities while building life-lasting friendships. It’s hard to believe that some of our campers’ camping season is halfway through. 100 years of Kawaga is an impressively long run, but the eight weeks that we get to spend up here never seems long enough. We looking forward to the upcoming weeks and are thrilled to be able to update you with all the fun and laughter that your boys are having up on the shores.

Until next time…