Camp Kawaga Blog

First two full days behind us and camp is off to a truly phenomenal start. The great weather of 70s and sunny every day has completely helped for sure, but it is also the great energy of the campers and staff together. The First Session Staff Show just ended and the Staff did a great job “introducing” themselves to all the campers with some intro video clips and funny skits. A great time had by all!!  Campers have been flying around the first couple of days. The CITS are leading the way in the Mess Hall, Senior Ball is looking great, new campers were taught a bunch of our songs and cheers today, and on and on we go. The homesickness has been minimal but of course we work with each camper and help him get settled into camp.

As I have walked around camp and jumped into activities myself, I am really excited by the great and hard work of our staff. They are really making a tremendous effort to get to know every camper and see them for the individuals they are. Our Admin team spent a lot of time this offseason preparing for pre-camp knowing we would have a lot more new members of the staff than usual. We spent a great amount of time training up the staff and helping them come together as a group. They worked really hard, and the early returns indicate that all of the Admin’s preparation and the staff’s hard work getting ready has really paid dividends.

With more good weather on the way, we will continue to keep the boys busy with Clubs, Swims, Leagues and fun. Dewey and I are very excited for the way things have started here.

More to come…