Camp Kawaga Blog

The summer has finally begun!! Dewey and I have been just so excited for the summer to begin. With all of the Kawaga100 festivities and the very successful event in Chicago and Alumni Weekend, what we have really been waiting for is the kids to finally get here. FINALLY, it is here!!

This will be a tremendous summer, and the various celebrations, small and large, for the 100th year will only add to the memories. As we combine the past and look ahead to the future, this summer will certainly stand out.

Starting off on the right foot for sure – We have beautiful weather to get our first day going. It is 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. We had our first day of Clubs, bay swimmers got their paddles, and we start Leagues this afternoon. All making for a great first day as we get our campers started up for a great 4 weeks.

To set expectations on our communication this summer, we will continue to drop pictures on Facebook everyday. We plan to combine that with some video highlights, including an end of week wrap up that we will post on Monday each week. As far as blogging, Dewey is going to blog every Tuesday – called Dewey’s Ditty. Thursday you will from one of our Admin. And each Sunday I will blog with my thoughts on the week and looking to events for the week ahead. We will also continue to tweet and be in touch through emails as always.

We cannot be more excited to get rolling.