Camp Kawaga Blog

Welcome to the first edition of the Camp Kawaga Director’s Blog. A few times each week, we will make a blog post – one from me, another from Dewey and then the third from a variety of staff members. The focus will be the goings on at camp with insight as to camp and our boys.

Today was, all in all, a good day. Travel day is always one we hold our breath for. Don’t get me wrong, we are well prepared. Dewey and I spend hours going through the forms, calling families, getting buses and itineraries and having a plan in place. And then… it pours – huge rains from Chicago through all of Wisconsin. FUN FUN FUN!! It Could have been a whole lot worse, but in the end, a few minor flight delays (one not so fun flight) and a little slower bus ride, and that was it.

4:15 pm – the buses arrive. 10 months of preparation, discussion, thinking, planning and more planning and it is all worth while. We see the buses roll in, the butterflies start rolling in my stomach and I get the best feeling from seeing these huge smiling faces come off the buses one by one. Then we meet on the hill of the Omni, and the 2015 staff is introduced. The enthusiasm is boiling over and the boys are waiting and waiting for their cabins.

Cabins are then introduced – the fist and chest bumping ensues and we are OFF and RUNNING!! 56 days of safe, fun and rewarding activities, games and challenges lay ahead for all of us.

2015 is off to a great start. Boys got unpacked – mostly 🙂 – We even squeezed in an hour of All Camp Capture the Flag this evening to get the boys running. Lots of fun, a little homesickness of course, and we are on our way.

Boys pick their clubs tomorrow morning, and we will get Bay Swimmers rolling too.

10 months is a long time to wait for anything – but Dewey and I are so glad it is finally here. Looking forward to a great summer!!

Till next time…