Camp Kawaga Blog

As winter break approaches, everything slows down for a few weeks. No school, less work and recruiting season quiets down. But is also when a lot of new prospective families perform their own independent research, including checking out websites and talking to current camp families and alumni.  It is that latter part I want you to remember…

Our camp recruiting is built upon word of mouth – it is far and away the number one way we meet new families and grow Kawaga.  While recruiting is on the upswing again this offseason, we are still not a full camp, and want to be.  We need you to go out of your way to put us in touch with new families. Let them know your feelings on Kawaga and why should be a summer destination for their son(s).  For our Alums, you may not have kids yet, but you likely work with people who do and have boys at that age and looking for camp.  We need you to reach out to these co-workers as well.

As an incentive, we offer $250 to anyone who refers us to a new family that signs up for a full session of camp.  That is cash for alums, and credits for current families – and who couldn’t use some extra cash these days.  Please reach out to those potential families and get us in touch – we will do the rest!!

Thanks for your effort and loyalty to Kawaga and have a great holiday season!!

Matt & Dewey