Kawaga Videos

Here you can find several videos shot, directed, and even narrated by Kawaga campers, staff, and alumni. Yes, these are home-made, and they’re sure to give you the best feel for what Kawaga’s like and about.


This past summer 150 campers, dads, and uncles ventured to Kawaga for our annual all-out camp weekend of fun, spirit, and friendship. Join us for Father/Son Weekend 2017 – June 16 – 19, 2017 (click to learn more).

Here a quick look at the 2015 Father/Son Weekend:



During the summer, we put together weekly highlight videos showing all the fun sports and activities going on during our week at camp. Here are two of our videos from the summer of 2015 to get a feel of the fun going on every day at Camp Kawaga.


“Kawaga100” — Celebrating 100 years of Camping Excellence

This video, written, directed and narrated by our Alumni, celebrates 100 years of Camp Kawaga. Even if you’ve never ventured onto “the Shores,” you’re sure to understand more about Kawaga’s rich heritage and what it means to those who’ve been fortunate enough to have spent a summer or more at Kawaga.