boy waterskiing


Located on a breathtaking peninsula, Camp Kawaga boasts a beautiful waterfront. Two dead-end bays — one primarily for swimming and one exclusively for waterskiing — allow for privacy and safety for a host of water sports and activities.

boy wakeboarding

Waterskiing and Tubing

At Kawaga’s famed Miracle Bay,  it’s non-stop waterskiing and tubing! We are the only camp in the area to have a permanent ski course. In fact, Kawaga has hosted the premiere ski tournament in the Northwoods for the past 40 years. (And, we’re proud to say that we’ve won the event the past 15 years running.)  So, skiing is part  of our heritage, and we support our program with three top-notch boats and the area’s top instructors. Campers learn to ski, wake board, knee board, ski surf, and even barefoot. At Kawaga, skiing is offered both as an instructional club and a free-time activity. So, our boats are always running, and campers have lots of opportunities to ski — all day long! During Open Areas, we also run double tubes so friends can be pulled around the lake together. Talk about having a blast in the water!

boys playing in the lake


Kawaga is proud to be one of the last camps that offer Instructional Swimming as part of our daily camp curriculum. Campers advance through one of five levels, from beginner to lifeguard, throughout the summer. Campers receive about 2 hours of Instructional Swim each week by trained and certified lifeguards and water-safety instructors. When we are not using our enclosed waterfront area for instructional swims, we open it for all campers to enjoy. We have some of the best inflatables around to enhance the experience, including a huge ten-foot slide, the Jungle Joe, a water trampoline, and a blob.

sailing regatta


Our sailing program is one of the finest in the Northwoods. We have eight Sunfish sailboats in our fleet, and offer sailing as an instructional “club” each week of camp. For over 40 years, Kawaga has hosted a co-ed sailing regatta, participated in by almost all the camps in the area.

boys canoe race

Boating & Canoeing

Kawaga provides plenty of both instruction and free time for campers to learn to use canoes, kayaks and stand-up paddle boards. Our enclosed bay provides a great, safe area to teach our campers how to be competent boatsmen, a skill they’ll use throughout their time at Kawaga. As part of our tripping program, campers 13 and older will go on canoe trips at least every other summer.