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Special Events

In addition to EPs, we have a number of special events which are always highlights of the summer. On the Fourth of July, the whole camp watches two Senior (oldest campers) vs. Counselor softball games, followed by a hike to town to watch the Min-Aqua Bats and Minocqua’s epic fireworks show. Other great events include Midnight Movie, Oneida Paintballing and Mohawk Madness.

seniors softball

Each session ends with its own special three to four-day event. First Session culminates with the Kawaga Spectacular where ten “college” teams battle for Kawaga supremacy. Each team receives a t-shirt to start the festivities and then the teams dive straight into games, relays, tournaments, and the biggest event: Song & Skit Night. This event keeps the camp full of spirit, energy, and fun right up until the end of first session. Second Session ends with the Kawaga Blue Gold Cup. The whole camp divides into two huge teams with eight counselor/coaches at the helm. The teams go head-to-head in sports, relay races, tug-of-war, and the most special part of the Cup: the Treasure Hunts and All Night Treasure Hunt (for Oneidas only).