boys leagues


Blue-Gold and Kawagian Leagues

boys volleyball

At the beginning of summer, each age group is divided into six to eight teams. Teams compete in a wide range of sports — like football, basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball, and newcomb — as well as  fun Kawaga games, like dodgeball, gaga, hounds & hares (our version of hide ‘n seek), and voccer (another Kawaga hybrid game). Each team is coached by staff members, who ensure all campers participate in a meaningful and fun way. “Leagues” is one of the most popular periods of the day, offering an opportunity not only to play hard and have fun, but also to reinforce Kawaga’s guiding values of Fellowship, Sportsmanship, Spirit, Enthusiasm, and Leadership.

At the end of the summer, teams square-off in a round robin-style tournament. The winner of the tournament is awarded a plaque that bears the name of the team and all the players and coaches. These plaques are proudly displayed around the ceiling of the Mess Hall, where campers enthusiastically point them out to their friends and family.