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2016 Camp Kawaga Staff


Cabin Counselors

Will A. – Hi all, I am Will from Naples, FL.  I am a friend of Simon’s and just graduated Wittenberg University in Ohio where I played

Will A

Will A

rugby along with Simon P. and Zach D. I am so excited to join Camp Kawaga for my first summer.  I can’t wait to meet everyone and start my next great adventure. See you all soon!


Matt A – Hello everyone, my name is Matt A. I am from Highland Park, IL, but currently reside in Champaign finishing up my freshman year at the University of Illinois. Camp has taught me many life lessons and skills that made my transition over to college go smoothly.

Matt Noff pic

I am currently studying Environmental Science and part of this is because camp is so beautiful and I want to be able to preserve it along with all the world’s beautiful nature. This will be my 10th summer at camp, and 3rd on staff. You will find me either at the tennis courts teaching people how to play or being goofy at the waterfront leading water aerobics. Also excited to be on staff with my brother Robbie this summer.


Rob Aronoff photo Robbie A – I am second year staff man Robbie A.  Looking forward to an amazing summer at Kawaga. Watch my video to learn more about me!!

Jason B. – Check out my video to learn all about me. So psyched for my first summer at

Jason B

Jason B

Camp Kawaga!!


Bergal pic

Ryan B –     Hey everyone! My name is Ryan B and I hail from Flossmoor, Illinois, just south of the great city of Chicago. I am graduating from Homewood-Flossmoor High School this summer and then headed to the University of Michigan in the fall. GO BLUE!! Enough about school, let’s talk camp! This summer at camp will be my 2nd on staff and I couldn’t be more excited. I was a camper for eight awesome summers, and I can truly say that I love anything that has to do with Kawaga. Between water-skiing, sports, swimming in the waters of Lake Kawagasauga, activities and programming, Kawaga’s Indian tradition, and making friends with people from across and the country and even the world, it’s impossible to be bored  with all Kawaga has to offer. As a part of the 2016 staff, I hope to make new campers fall in love with Kawaga the same way I did, and help seasoned campers make this the summer the best one yet!


Patrick C. – Hey Everyone! I’m Patrick, but most people call me “Paddy.” I’m 19 years old and I’m from Northern Ireland. I can’t wait to come to Camp Kagawa for the patrick cameron picsummer. I love to sail and have been sailing since the age of 6, so you may see me around the waterfront.

Other than that I swim and am quite keen on motorboats. I’m in my first year of university studying Chemical Engineering and can’t wait to get started this summer!


Jacob C. – Hey everyone, my name is Jacob and I am from Atlanta, Georgia. I am 17 and in August, I will start my senior year at North Springs Charter High School. I am really excited to be returning to the shores for my 7th summer.

Jacob C

Jacob C

This summer will be my first time on staff and I look forward to the opportunity of working as a counselor. I love water skiing, sailing, swimming and pretty much any water activity on lake Kawaguesaga. I also enjoy fire building, hiking, camping and outdoor activities so you’ll probably see me in those areas as well. This summer I will help campers have the same great camping experience that I have had over my past 6 years at Kawaga. I look forward to hanging out with all of the new and old Kawaga braves and cannot wait for summer 2016. It is going to be the best summer yet. See ya’ll on the shores!

Grooty pic

Mike D – My name is Mike and this will be my 8th year on staff at Kawaga. I will be busy because I am also the Head of Waterskiing for the summer of 2016. I made a fun little video here so you can learn more about me and my infatuation with the worst football team around. Check it out!!

Charlie D
– Hiya guys! My name is Charlie, I’m 19 and I’m from England (which you’ll be able to tell clearly from my accent). I’m about to finish image1 (1)my first year of university and this will be my first visit to the states! I love all sports so you are going to find me anywhere around camp, especially if there is any football (soccer) involved! I can’t wait for this summer and I’m going to make sure everyone has a great time!!


Ben D

Ben D

Ben D. – Greetings fellow Kawagians, My name is Benjamin D, born and raised in scenic Glencoe, Illinois! I currently attend New Trier high school and will be entering my senior year this upcoming fall. I love spending time outdoors; running, reading, tennis and drawing are three hobbies I thoroughly enjoy! I am proud to say that this will be my 8th year at Camp Kawaga; a truly magnificent place! At camp, I hope to establish new relationships with the new braves while strengthening connections with my current peers. See y’all on the shores!


Zach D playing rugby

Zach D playing rugby

Zach D. – Hello, my name is Zach. I’m 23 years old and I grew up in San Diego, California. I graduated in May from Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio with a degree in Political Science. During my college years I played rugby (that is me in red bowling over an opponent), serving as co­-team captain this last year. Some of my favorite times in college were our rugby travel tournaments: Nashville and Las Vegas being the more memorable.  During camp, I will be found in the weight room, getting ready for the Army (I am enlisting next Spring), and hanging with Simon P, another recent Wittenberg graduate. My future plans include joining the military which I am set to do by spring of 2017.


Alex E – Hey everyone! My name is Alex E. and this will be my first summer at Camp Kawaga! I have just wrapped up my freshman year of college at Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design and am thrilled to be joining the team this year as a camp counsel
or and photographer. Be sure to give a huge smile when you see me around camp because I will be assisting in filming the weekly recap videos.


Ben F pic

Ben F – Hey everybody! My name is Ben (Little Feathered Raven), and this will be my 8th summer on the shores of Kawaga and 2nd on staff. I’m beyond excited for this summer and can’t wait to see all the new faces and returning ones. Somethings about me – I’m friendly, outgoing and love to be outside. I will be attending Northern Arizona University in the Fall of 2016 with a major in Environmental Engineering. While attending college I will be continuing my current favorite activities of snowboarding, hiking, and biking. I am a graduating senior at Highland Park High School where I spend much of my time during and after school in the Graphic Design Department. I also volunteer on Saturday afternoons at an organization focusing on keeping kids with special needs active and healthy. I have a feeling that this is going to be the most fun and interesting summer I will ever have and can’t wait to share it with all my fellow braves!

Frumm pic

Justin F – Hi all!! I am Justin F and this will be my first year on Staff at Kawaga. I am so excited to get started. Please check out my intro video to learn some more.


Ben G

Ben G

Ben G – Hi everyone, my name is Ben and I am going to be a Senior at Deerfield High School this fall. Jackson and I put this intro video together. Hope you enjoy!


Adam G

Adam G – My name is Adam, and this will be my twelfth year at Kawaga (3rd year on staff). I am finishing up my freshman year at the

University of Wisconsin-Madison, and can’t wait to be back on the shores! Some of my favorite activities at camp include: basketball, waterskiing, swimming, and softball. This summer you will find me on the Omni, near the tennis courts, and at the waterfront.  I have been thinking about camp all year and I cannot wait to see everyone this summer!


Landon G – Check out the video I made introducing myself and fellow first year staffers and 2015 CITs Garrett S and Jacob V.




Hector G – Hola! My name is Hector, and I am a first year counselor from Spain. See my intro video to learn more.


Jake G picJake G – Is that Greens?!?! A wee greeeeeens back for  4th summer on staff and #11 overall. I’m from Glencoe, IL and am currently a Junior at the University of Rochester, where I run for their Cross Country and Track teams. Some of my favorite things about camp are definitely the Powwows and Indian traditions, I also love nature and all the great camping trips we go on, one of my favorites being the Porcupine Mountains. You can find me pretty much all around camp. I can’t wait to have a go on the shores this summer!



                                Jackson G – Check out my video I made with my fellow 2015 CIT Ben G. I am the 2nd guy…

Jackson G - stylin!!

Jackson G – stylin!!



Joe H – Hey, my name is Joe H.  This is my 5th year on staff.  I am a Phys Ed teacher for high schoolers, but love my time at camp. If you’re looking for me around camp you might have a hard time doing so because as Head of Tripping I spend a lot of my time out of camp on trips showing our Kawaga Braves all the wonder that nature has to offer.  As one of two resident Wisconsin staff members, I love spending my summers right in my backyard of Northern Wisconsin.  I love the Packers, Brewers, Badgers, Bucks, all things sports and all things Wisconsin! Looking forward to see you all on the Shores!

Justin H – Hi guys! My name is Justin H., but everyone calls me Hertzy.

HertzyI can’t believe another year has gone by and camp is about to start again. It feels as if I just left. To give you some info on myself:  I am 18 years old, from Scottsdale, Arizona, and this will be my 11th year back at Kawaga, second year on staff. Kawaga has been in my life for as long as I can remember. I feel as though I grew up on those shores. Needless to say, I’m thrilled to come back for yet another Summer! I can’t wait to see all the familiar faces again, as well as the new ones. See you all there!


Josh J – Hi all!! I am Josh J from New Zealand. I am so excited to be joining my sister Amy at Camp Kawaga this summer!! I tried to make an intro vid with my sis, but she kind of just did her thing – enjoy. But I am really looking forward to camp.

Sam K pic

Sam K – Hi all, My name is Sam K. I’m from Chicago and attended Francis W. Parker High school. I just finished my first year at the University of Michigan. This summer will be my 12th summer on the shores of Camp Kawaga, 3rd on staff. You all can find me all throughout camp, but mainly at the ski docks. I have been waiting all year to come back to camp, and cannot wait to see all the returning campers and to meet all the new ones too.

Get ready for an incredibly memorable year!

Jacob K photo

 Jacob K- Hi all! My name is Jacob K, also known as Fuzzball, and this is my 4th Summer on staff. I am a 2nd generation Kawaga Camper and counselor and am excited for another summer on the Shores in 2016.  I will be on the ski docks, in the office helping with programming and in my cabin hanging with my campers. Check out my video to learn more.

Brandon K – Hey everyone! My name is Brandon Koretz, but around Camp you might hear people call me “Schwabby.” This will be be ninth summer at Kawaga and my third on staff. I am from Northbrook, Illinois, and am entering my sophomore year of college at the University of Michigan. At school, I work for the Michigan Athletic Department as a student assistant in External Communications and Public Relations. I am also the Writer and Content Producer for Marketing for the Michigan Sport Business Conference, the nation’s premiere sport business conference for undergraduates. Along with numerous current and former Kawaga kids, I am a member of the fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi. At camp this year, I will continue my role as Evening Program Director and am excited to now take on the role of Head of Competition after spending the past two summers as Commissioner of Leagues. Even if it means following my Chicago Cubs from long-distance, I can’t wait to be back on the shores once again, and as always… Go Blue!

Brad L. – Hey guys! My name is Brad L., and this will be my 8th year at camp and my first on staff! I am a Junior at Highland Park High School, starting my Senior year this Fall. I am beyond excited to get back up to the shores for the best summer yet. At camp you can find me sailing, working trips, life-guarding, or basically anywhere else! I Cannot wait to see you all this summer for the best summer in camp history!


Jack L

Jack L

Jack L – Hi, my name is Jack L, and I am excited to be back at camp this summer. This will be my 10th summer at camp, and my 3rd as a staff member. Around camp you will mostly see me at the archery range, riflery range, and the waterfront. Outside of camp I a freshman in college at the Washington University in St. Louis – School of Engineering. There, I shoot archery on the School’s team, and I am involved with WU Racing, the schools formula SAE team. I am super excited for this summer, and cannot wait for it to begin!


Jared L – My name is Jared, aka Sly Cougar. I am from Highland Park, IL and this is my 11th summer at Kawaga and 5th on staff.  In the fall I will be entering my senior year at Indiana University. At camp, you can find me pretty much anywhere from the Omni to the Waterfront to Trampball as well as D1 and sometimes  target sports. Check out my video!!                                                                                                                          
dave martin

Dave M – Cheers Braves! I am Dave from Northern Ireland and am returning for my 8th summer. I am very excited to return for Kawaga’s 2nd century of camping. I will be found at the waterfront, playing football (that is soccer to you Americans) and hanging with all of Kawaga’s campers all summer long. Cannot wait to get back and will see everyone on the Shores!!
Alec M

Alec M – Hello! I am Alec Mecklenburger and will be returning this summer as a third year counselor and a 10 year Kawaga brave. I am 19 years old, from Highland Park IL, and I am a sophomore at Northern Illinois University where I major in industrial engineering and management with an emphasis in CAD and a minor in management. In my free time I do a lot of sailing, hockey, and build robots. At camp I will be found down at the target sports range, fishing docks, sailing docks, and lifeguarding at the water front. I am excited to be returning and I am looking forward to a great summer!

Lachlan Moye picLachlan M. – G’Day to you all at Camp Kawaga! I cannot wait for summer to begin this June, working at a summer camp in the USA is something I have always looked forward to doing for many years! And I’m glad this year is the year, at Kawaga in Wisconsin. A little about me, I am 21 years old from New South Wales, Australia. My hobbies include my favourite sport of soccer, swimming, surfing, meeting new friends, and just being outdoors!!
I have lived on Australia’s east coast all of my life, except in 2014 to 2015 when I lived and went to college in California to study a kinesiology major and play for the college soccer team located in Santa Cruz. For work since returning to Australia, I have been waiting tables and coaching soccer at a junior level for teens.  I look forward to meeting all of you this summer, and am sure we will make this year’s summer one to never forget!!  Until then, Lachlan.

Sam O – Hello! My name is Sam and this will be my ninth year at Kawaga, my first on staff. I go by a few names at camp, such as: Sam, 10945897_420641874761480_2799729437555488200_oSorlin, Captain of the Team that should have won the Kawaga Spectacular last year, and “No Swag.”  I am so excited for this summer! Some of my favorite things about  camp are: Free swim, Fred’s hydration station, and Monday burgers. You can find me probably anywhere around camp always having a great time. Can’t wait to see y’all!
Simon P pic

Simon P – Hello all. My name is Simon P. and this will be my 12th summer at Kawaga and my 5th year on staff. I am from Shaker Heights, Ohio, which is right outside of Cleveland and lived there for the first 18 years of my life. Currently I attend Wittenberg University, which is located in Springfield, Ohio and I major in Sports Management. In my free time I enjoy lifting weights and playing rugby for my school. My school is currently ranked in the top 20 small colleges for rugby. I’m looking forward to a great summer and hope that all the new campers enjoy Kawaga as much as I do.



Adam P – Hey all- My name is Adam Perl and this will be my 10th year at camp and 2nd year on staff. I am currently a senior at Highland Park High School and, next fall I will be attending the University of Illinois and rooming with fellow staff member, Jason Baer. At camp you can virtually find me anywhere from the omni, waterfront, allAdam Perl pic the way down to the picture bench helping out with the books. If you’re ever looking to lose in a game of H-O-R-S-E or just chop it up, find me and I’m always down. I can’t wait for the summer to finally get started and see all of you!



Misha R. – My name is Misha and I’m so excited to be back at camp! I was a camper for three years (2010-2012) and this will be my

Misha R

Misha R

first year back!  I am from Lincoln Park on the north side of Chicago, and a current senior at the Francis W. Parker school of Chicago. I have lived all over North America.

I was born in Chicago and have since lived in North and South Carolina, Toronto, Canada, Manhattan, NY, Indiana, and the northern suburbs of Chicago. I love to play lot of sports including basketball, tennis, soccer, wakeboarding, and kiteboarding. One of my favorite hobbies is to sing and play guitar. I love everything about camp Kawaga and what it stands for and I can’t wait to be at camp this summer!


E– Hi I am Eli. I am very excited to be on staff for the first time.  Check out my intro video to learn more about me.
Small picJosh S – Hi everyone! My name is Josh Small and I am from Highland Park, Illinois. This will be my tenth summer at camp and my second on staff. This fall, I will be attending Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. At camp, I will be assisting with evening programs, but during the day you can find me on the tennis courts, diamond one, the waterfront, all around camp. My favorite parts of camp include the evening programs, indian traditions, and seeing everyone at camp who you can’t see at home. Can’t wait for camp!

Garrett S – Check out the video I made introducing myself and fellow first year staffers and 2015 CITs Landon G and Jacob V.




David S

David S

David S. –  Hi all! My name is David and I am from Hungary. This will be my first year on staff at Kawaga, and I am very excited to meet you all. Check out my intro video to learn more about me.


Kyle V. – Hey all! I am Kyle V from Florida. This will be my first summer at Camp Kawaga, and I cannot wait to be a part of it. Watch my video to learn more about me.

kyle v

kyle v

Jacob V – Check out the video I made introducing myself and fellow first year staffers and 2015 CITs Garrett S and Landon G.


Luke W. –  My name is Luke aka Weymo!!  This is my 3rd year on staff.  If you are looking for me around camp, you will most likely find me on the waterfront, down weymo picmiracle bay, in the arts and crafts shed or playing football (the one where you use your feet!!)  As one of the few returning international staff members, I love crossing the pond to my second home at Kawaga, leaving everything behind and jumping right into the incredible camp that is Kawaga. Because I’m British, don’t be fooled about my knowledge for the american sports, I am well educated in that area, and am fully aware that Green Bay is a terrible football team. I am excited and looking forward to seeing you all on the Shores!

Jason W -Hello Kawaga Braves! My name is Jason Weinberger, also known as Rugged Bear. This is my 10th summer on the shores and my second on staff. At home I am

Jason W

Jason W

a huge sports fan; I played lacrosse, baseball, and basketball growing up but I love basically all sports. I love music, specifically rap and rock, but I will listen to all kinds. I spend most of my free time watching and playing sports or listening to music with friends. I love going to concerts and seeing my favorite musicians play but I also enjoy to play my own guitar.

At camp you are most likely to find me running softball or lacrosse clubs. Softball is my favorite camp sport so you can find me on D1 or D2 during many open areas. I am a pretty fun guy who loves to make jokes and have a great time in the cabin. I’m so excited to return for my 10th summer at Kawaga and I’m sure it will be the best one yet.


IMG_1929Ben W – Hi! I’m Ben W. and a 2nd year staff member. Very excited for another summer at Camp Kawaga. Want to know more about me? Check out the video I made.

Jon W – I am Jon W., a 2nd year staffer like my bro, Ben. I am really excited for summer. Check out my video to learn more about me.
Inline image 2


Jacob W – Hello! My name is Jacob White. I’m from Cincinnati Ohio and go to school at Ohio State. I’m majoring in film studies with a focus area in screenwriting and a minor in creative writing. I spend a lot of my time reading, IMG_0599 (2)
writing, and playing saxophone. Sports wise I was a water polo player back in high school, and I currently fence Saber at the Buckeye Fencing Club. This will be my 11th summer at camp, and my 5th year on staff. At camp you’ll most likely find me down at the archery/riflery  range teaching target sports, or somewhere near the Rec hall teaching music. I can’t wait to see you guys up at camp!



Matt Z – Hi my name is Matt Z. and after spending 8 summers on the Shores as a camper,  I am excited for my first year on staff. I am going to be a Senior at Francis W. Parker High School next fall.  Cannot wait to be with everyone on the Shores.



Female Staff 

Carly B –  HEY! My name is Carly and I will be a camp counselor at camp Kawaga 2016!  I’m 21 years old, travelling all the way from Perth, Western Australia to join in on what looks to be an experience of a lifetime!!

Although I’ve visited the states a few times before, Camp Kawaga will be the first summer camp I’ve been too, and from what I’ve seen so far, It looks like an amazing camp to be at!! I can’t wait to meet you all in only a couple of short months! I’m so excited to be sharing this experience with you. It is by far going to be the best summer ever!!

Kira B

Kira B

Kira B – My name is Kira B, and  I am 20 Years old from Wales, UK.

I am currently studying Textile Design at Falmouth University, England and in my second year.  I can’t wait to spend my summer at Camp Kawaga.  Although my courses are all about Art and Design, I love sports. I have played field hockey since I was little, was captain of my school team, and currently play for my University. I used to swim competitively until my studies took over. Still being a strong swimmer, I regularly swim at my local beach, where there are other activities that I participate in, including paddle boarding, surfing, kayaking. You will definitely find me down by the water at camp!

I can’t wait to meet everyone!!  It’s going to be a GREAT SUMMER !!

Jarmin vid

Amy J – Hi, I am Amy from New Zealand. I am so excited to be back at camp for my second summer. Check out my intro vid here – it is not my best work, but I am just sooooo excited to be back at Kawaga. I even quit my job as a Postie so I could return. See you soon!!


Ellie P –  Hi everyone! My name is Ellie Pearl and I am from Peoria, Illinois. I just finished up my second year at Marquette University where I’m majoring in Information Systems and Marketing. This will be my second summer on staff at Kawaga and I’m thrilled to be ellie P picback for summer 2016. This summer you can find me on the ski docks with my fellow Min-Aqua Bat Maggie Sanderson. Looking forward to another amazing summer!!






Courtney P –  Hello all! My name is Courtney and I am from Appleton, Wi. This will be first year up at Camp Kawaga! I am so excited to join the staff for this summer as I love spending time outdoors, and absolutely love summer! I am currently a nursing major at Marian University in Fond du Lac, and upon returning home this summer will begin my final year of studies there. After graduating I hope to find a career as a pediatric nurse as working with children as always been a passion of mine!

Nurse Courtney

In my free time I love playing the French horn, as this has been a past time of mine since I was a child. Favorite summer time hobbies of mine include: biking, swimming, canoeing, and hiking. I believe everybody is unique in their own way, and I can’t wait to get to know all of the campers and staff at Camp Kawaga! I know this will be a great opportunity to not only enhance my nursing knowledge, but make a difference in the lives of many children as well! Can’t wait to start this summer and start meeting so many new people!

Clare R pic

Nurse Clare

Clare R – My name is Clare R. and I will be one of the Student Nurses helping keep camp safe and healthy this summer! I grew up in Spooner Wisconsin, which is just a few hours from Camp Kawaga. I am a nursing student at The College of St. Scholastica which is located in Duluth, MN. I have a lot of experience participating in sports, sport related injuries, and the love for the outdoors. I grew up an athlete myself going to camps such as Kawaga every summer. This is my first year at Camp Kawaga and I can’t wait to see what the summer holds!

Looking forward to a happy and healthy camp experience for all campers and staff.


Paula W – Hi ya’ll! My name is Paula and I am originally from Nashville, TN.  I have been a travel nurse for around 20 years, and I have been all over the U.S. to work.  From Florida to Hawaii, and New England to Texas, I have met lots of interesting people and done almost every facet of nursing.

Nurse Paula

Nurse Paula

This will be my 2nd year at Camp Kawaga, and my 3rd summer camp.  Camp Kawaga is by FAR the best camp and one of the most fun jobs I have EVER had.  It is so rewarding to watch the boys grow, make new friends and gain confidence in the rich history and tradition that IS Kawaga.

You will find me in Crows Nest this summer, where I will be performing first aid, generally monitoring health and dispensing medication.  Also, cruising around camp reminding campers to hydrate and apply sun screen and bug spray all the time!   I cannot wait to hit the shores of Camp Kawaga once again and June cannot come soon enough!!

Support Staff

Zita C –  Hi everyone! My name is Zita and I’m a 23 years old final year law student from Budapest, Hungary.  I’m super excited to be returning to Camp Kawaga for the second time this summer. I guess that Kawaga Spirit does exist even in the kitchen. Can’t wait to meet you guys there.

Krisztina D – Hello everyone, my name is Krisztina. I am from Hungary. I have graduated from Corvinus University of Budapest. I studied Landscape Management and GardenDanko pic Construction Engineering. Now I am studying Master in Landscape Architecture. I love sports and outdoor activities. In my free time I do gymnastics and slackline. I like adventures, I worked in an adventure park. In this summer I will work in the kitchen as a member of the Support Staff. I can’t wait for the starting this adventure at Camp Kawaga.



Marianna S –  Hi everyone, my name is Marianna and I am from Hungary. I am excited for my first summer at Kawaga. Look forward to meeting everyone.


Fruzsina S. – My name is Fruzsina and I am 23 Years old and live in Budapest, Hungary. I am currently studying Engineering management at the University of Technology and Economics. This is my third year there and I am about to graduate next fall.

I am originally from a small town east of Hungary called Karcag. In 2011 I took a huge step and moved to the capital and started the Budapest Communication University. While in school, I have worked in a hotel as a Food and Beverage assistant and at Costa Coffee.  After I graduated, I applied to the University of Technology and Economics to study Engineering Management.11999012_10206252975181372_8332333596009145290_n

In my free time I like to go home to Karcag to visit my family. I have a brother and two sisters. I also have a little puppy called Zara. I like taking long walks with her to the park and just chill and relax. It is a town away from the city so we have loads of opportunity to hike or go to bike rides or just take long walks in the woods.

Last summer I have heard about working in a summer camp from a friend of mine and I got beyond excited. I have always been interested to take new challenges and to meet new people. I feel like it would be a perfect opportunity to meet different cultures and meet people from all over the world and expand our knowledge. I am absolutely open to learn new things and see how friendships can develop in such a short amount of time.

Reka T. –  Hello everyone! My name is Réka and I am 22 years old. I am from Hungary, the heart of Europe and currently a third year student studying a Bachelor of Business Informatics. I love sports and outdoor activities, in my free time I take handball classes and if the weather is nice, I run outdoor. This will be my second time on staff at Camp Kawaga. If nothing else, this just goes to show that Kawaga is a special place. I’m sure this will be another great summer!

Lysbeth C – This makes my 3rd summer at Kawaga. I am currently a junior at the University of Illinois, and I am so happy to be back working with the Abrams Family and Camp Kawaga as the Nanny this summer. I am Lys C pic

very excited to see everyone again, make some new friends and be at camp for another summer.


Maintenance Staff

Ron S – Ron returns for his 33rd summer at Camp Kawaga as its Head of Maintenance.

Tim K – Back for his 2nd year at Camp Kawaga. Tim will be Ron’s right hand man on our staff . Tim is Dewey’s younger brother!!!

Dalton R – Also back for his 2nd year on Kawaga’s Maintenance. Dalton will continuing clowning around with the Min-Aqua Bats this summer and is well on his way to becoming a professional pilot.

Juan Z . M. and Nate S round out our great full time maintenance staff this summer. Juan hails from Tabasco Mexico and will be living at camp for his first summer at Kawaga.  Nate is entering his senior year in High School at Lakeland Union HS in Minocqua.

The Camp Kawaga Staff, some 70+ persons strong, looks forward to making the summer of 2016 a safe and amazing experience for all its campers.